Collection: Tragus Piercing

Collection: Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing is one of the preferred top three body piercing. Tragus piercing has a small area for jewelry. We suggest wearing only Screw Back piercing for Tragus piercing. You can pick models with one gemstone for Tragus. La Tua Luce has a model in star, heart, moon, skull, eye, and more shapes 14k gold with gemstones.

We compile what you should know before purchasing your Tragus Piercing.

What is the tragus piercing?

Tragus piercing is located on top of the ear canal.  The Tragus has straight cartilage because of that you need to use straight jewelry like Screw Back Piercing. You need to be careful of the gemstone's part diameter.  The tragus has a small area. You can easily measure it with a ruler when you look in the mirror. Please don't forget to look our Tragus Piercing Collections.

You can combine the Tragus piercing with Daith Piercing, Helix Piercing, Flat Piercing, Conch Piercing, Rook Piercing and more. Take a look the other piercing collections.

What size is a tragus piercing?

You need to know the bar length before you purchase the Tragus Piercing. The preferred sizes change in 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm bar lengths. We produce our Screw Back Piercing with a standard 8mm bar length. If you need a different bar length you can contact us from the chat box or Contact us! We’ll be happy to help you with that. 

You can check the Size Guide for more informations. 

What gauge is a tragus piercing?

Piercer uses a 16G (1.2mm) needle for Tragus Piercing. La Tua Luce produces Screw Back Piercing with 16G. Please ask your piercer to be sure. The cartilage of the Tragus is straight so please prefer Screw Back piercing not Hoop piercing.

How to clean the back of a tragus piercing?

The piercing has to be a small space between the cartilage and the edge of the jewelry. If it has no blank between them, it will be irritated. Please be careful of that. The total blank is like 2mm. You need a blank to clean both sides of the pierce and jewelry. The blank need to be equal for both sides. When you clean the front you can push from the back and it is the same for clean back. You should use cotton with the solution recommended by your piercer to clean.

How to wear tragus piercing?

  1. Open the screw of the piercing.
  2. Take the back part and wear it from the back of the pierce.
  3. Hold from back for not to turn. Take the front part and screw the jewelry.

Please be nice to your piercing. 

How to remove tragus piercing?

  1. Hold from back for not to turn. Screw for get of the front part of the jewelry.
  2. Take off the back part of the tragus pierce.
  3. Close the screw and keep the jewelry in the box.

Please be nice to your piercing. 

How much is a tragus piercing?

The 14k Gold Tragus piercing starts from $170. We have many different discounts in the year. You can create an account to get an e-mail for the news from the register. We’ll be happy to see you!