Collection: Helix Piercing

Collection: Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is the most preferred piercing. The external ear cartilage is named Helix Piercing. You can find many different combines for Helix Piercing. Helix can have enough area for more than one piercing. Thus you can see double or triple jewelry combinations. You have many gemstone and model options in La Tua Luce. 

We put together what you should know before purchasing your Helix Piercing.  

What is a helix piercing?

Helix piercing is upper  cartilage piercing. You can see Helix piercing on many people. The Helix piercing has a chance to make jewelry combine in self. You can prefer Hoop clicker or Screw Back Piercing. You can get double, triple or more piercing for Helix.  Please ask your piercer to be suitable for more than one piercing. After that you can create your sparkling 14k gold Helix piercing combine.  

How much is a helix piercing?

Helix piercing prices start from $70. We have many different options for you. You have 2 options for helix piercing. You can find the best piercing for yourself in  Helix piercing. We prepared it for you!

What size is a standard helix piercing?

There are many different sizes for Helix Piercing. The most preferred sizes are 8mm inner diameter or 10 mm inner diameter for Hoop Clicker. If you prefer Screw Back piercing the bar length is 8mm. You can find a size picture and detail in the description in the jewelry page. Some people need to be smaller or bigger than this diameter. Please get in touch from Contact us, we'll be happy to help you.  

Please don’t forget to look at the Size Guide for detailed information. 

How do we produce the helix piercing?

La Tua Luce produces all models with 14K gold and natural gemstones. These stones are diamond, black diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, green garnet, opal and topaz. If you have a special gemstone request please get in touch from contact us! We’ll be happy to create your request. 

Where to purchase the helix piercing?

You can purchase from our web sites. You can find 14K solid gold Helix piercing with diamond and the other gemstones. Don't forget to create an account for discount news! You can create it on the register.

How to care for helix piercing?  

The helix piercing  produces 14K gold. It's not tarnishing. Hoop clickers and Screw Back Piercing are not affected by ear discharge.These can need polishing at times. Please keep it in the jewelry box when you don't wear it. It will keep it away from damage and get lost.