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Collection: Screw Back Piercing

Collection: Screw Back Piercing

Screw back piercing is one of the most preferred pieces types of jewelry for cartilage. It has a straight bar thus it’s preferred for straight cartilage. There are many designs for Screw Back Piercing. You can find stars, eyes, skulls, flowers, a new moon, snowflakes, butterflies, and more designs in our Screw Back Collections.

We compile what you should know before purchasing your Screw Back Piercing Jewelry. 

What is the Screw Back Piercing? 

Screw Back Piercing is a type of earring for cartilage. The other name of Screw Back Piercing is Flat Back Piercing. Many people choose the Screw Back Piercing for their body piercing. It has easy and secure wearing system. We produce the Screw back Piercing with 8 mm standard bar length. If you have a size request for bar length you can reach us from Contact Us!

Which pierce is suitable for Screw Back Piercing? 

Screw Back Piercing can be worn for Helix Piercing, Tragus Piercing, Conch Piercing, Flat Piercing, Labret Piercing, and Nose Piercing. You can make combine with Earlobe earrings. Don’t forget to take a look at other collections

What is the difference between Screw Back Piercing and Stud Earring?

Screw Piercing is a constant bar and you can prefer size for this bar. Stud Earring has a constant bar too but you can compress it with the back part.  Screw Back Piercing is a cartilage piece of jewelry. Stud Earring is an earlobe piece of jewelry.

How to care for the Screw Back Piercing? 

Screw Back Piercing needs polish with time. We produce the piercing with 14K solid gold. It’s not get tarnished. Please be careful to get anything inside the bar. It will affect the screw. Please keep it in the jewelry box when you don’t wear it.

How to wear the Screw Back Piercing?

The closure system is very easy. Please wash your hand before touching the piercing.

  1. Open the screw and put the top safe place. Take the back part.
  2. Wear it your pierce from the back of it.
  3. Take the top and screw it when you hold the back part.
  4. Please don’t forget to center the blank of the bar.

Please be gentle to your ear.

How to remove the Screw Back Piercing?

  1. Please clean your hand before starting to remove the piercing.
  2. Hold the piercing from the back and screw out the top part. Put the safe place.
  3. Take out the back part and close the screw with the top part.
  4. Put them into the jewelry box.

Please be gentle to your ear.

What is the price of Screw Back Piercing? 

Screw Back Piercing Price start from $170. You can find many different designs, 14K White, Yellow, Rose Gold, and Gemstones in our Screw Back Piercing Collections.