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Collection: Huggie Earring

Collection: Huggie Earring

Huggie Earring is everyday hoop earring. There is a new trend with do style with Huggie Earrings. Some people link huggie earrings and make them like dangle earrings. You can make your own style with the Huggies. There are many different options you can do. We have options like main big gemstones with sparkling diamonds. Please take a look at our dainty Huggie Earrings Collections

What is the Huggie Earring?

Huggie Earring are adorned with small gemstones. It has a round shape and has a clip- on locker. You can wear and style easily with other earrings and piercings. You can prefer different 14K gold colors but prefer the same color for an ear when you combine Huggies. You can wear the Huggie Earrings with a daily, casual or chic combine.  Also you should look at our all Hoop Earrings Collections

If you have any questions about Huggie Earring you can reach us from Chat Box or Contact Us!

Which pierce is suitable for Huggie Earring? 

 We recommend the Huggie Earring only for ear lobe. The lock system is not suitable for cartilage piercing. If you need cartilage earrings you can look at our Hoop Piercings and Screw Back Piercings. 

Which material are we using for Huggie earrings?

We produce the Huggie Earrings with 14K White, Yellow, and Rose Solid Gold. Thus the jewelry does not tarnish.  We use natural gemstones for Huggie Earrings. We set Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Green Garnets, Sapphires, Rubies, Opal and Emeralds for Huggie Earrings. We also have some multi-gemstones options for Huggie Earring. If you have different request about gemstones, please contact us and ask! We love to do corporation with you .

How to wear and remove the Huggie earring?

  1. Open the Huggie Earring.
  2. Wear it.
  3. Push the back part. 

You reverse the process to remove the Huggie earrings.

How can you make a stylish combination with Huggie Earring?

Firstly you should choose a gold color for the start your combination. We have Yellow, Rose and White 14K solid gold options. After choosing the gold color you should choose gemstones. You can prefer one or two gemstones. More than two gemstones will look crowded. We have single and pair options for Huggie Earring. Don’t forget to take a look at Hoop Clicker and Screw Back piercing to complete your style. 

If you need inspiration you should look at La Tua Luce’s Instagram page!

What is the price for a huggie earring?

The Huggie Earring start from $210. You can create an account and follow us for discount news!