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Collection: Dangle Earring

Collection: Dangle Earring

 The time is to wear 2-3 earrings at the same earring with piercings. The Dangle earrings are  part of this style. They shows the neck as long as it is. Some Dangle and hoop ring is one piece of jewelry. Some Dangle and hoop ring are separate. If you prefer second options you can change the dangle as you wish.

We put our all Dangle Earrings for you in the collection. If you have a special request for Dangle Earrings, please ask us from Chat Box or Contact Us!

What is the Dangle Earring?

The Dangle Earring has a rocking piece on the hoop earrings. The Dangle earring is worn for the ear lobe. Please don’t try to wear the hoop ring part to your cartilage. You can use the Dangle for your Helix piercing, Conch piercing and Labret piercing. 

If you have questions about the Dangle Earring you can get in touch with us from Chat box or Contact Us!

What material are we using for Dangle Earring?

We produce the Dangle Earring with 14K Yellow, White and Rose Solid Gold. We also use natural gemstones for our jewels. Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Green Garnets, Opals and Mix Sapphire are used for settings. You can prefer the gold color and gemstones to make your own style. 

Which designs can you find in our Dangle Earring Collections?

We have many different designs in our Dangle Earring Collection. We suggest you look at all before selecting one. We use evil eye designs, it is a part of Turkish culture. There are different designs of evil eyes. We have many different star designs but we fall in love with one of them. It has two faces and both sides have different gemstones. You can change the gemstone color to your style. We have different flower models. It has multi gemstones settings. We have moon design Dangle Earrings. We have Dangle letters on a chain. We can write a small amount of the model. Please don’t forget to look at our collection.

How do you combine the Dangle Earring?

We already combine the Dangle Earrings with Hoops. You can look at the model of the earrings.  We refer to the design of the model in the previous answer. Please take a look at the question. If you purchase more than one dangle earrings, you can change the dangle of them. You should choose your gemstones and gold color. It's the main idea of the combine. We offer Dangle Earring single and pair variations. You can make your pair earrings.

How much is the Dangle Earring?

Dangle Earring starts from $300. We have a $20 discount offer, if you purchase a pair of Dangle Earrings.