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Collection: Hoop Clicker

What to Know While Purchasing Hoop Clicker

Hoop Clickers have blown up in the last few years. The Hoop Clicker name came from the lock system.  It is easy to wear, and it can be combined with many body piercings. You can wear it on Septum, Daith, Helix, Labret, or Rook piercings and more. The Hoop Clicker combination is the best and most shiny way to adorn the cartilage piercing. 

We put together what you should know before purchasing your Hoop Clicker. 

What is hoop clicker? 

The clicker has smooth hinged closure. The clasp securely snaps between two grooves on the opposite end, ensuring a tight closure. The clicker makes a sound like a 'click' when you close it that it got the name from this. This hinged closure makes the clicker comfortable and secure. Provides a secure fit without the risk of falling or loosening. 

La Tua Luce has many different styles and sizes of hoop clickers. You can get in touch for your custom request. 

How do we produce the hoop clicker? 

Firstly, we check out what type of piercing consumer requests. We choose the body piercing region, and we start to design. The size of the clicker is important at this point. The gemstones and design should fit 8-12mm inner diameter and 16G 1.2mm gauge clickers. The gemstones we use on the setting are Diamond, Black Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Green Garnet, Opal and Topaz. We produce the clickers with 14 K gold. We have a casting and craftsmanship shop. The clicker is produced with %100 hand workmanship in there. 

How to wear hoop clicker? 

The clicker has an easy closure system, but you need practice. Please try to open and close the clicker in your hand before. The closure is sensitive. Wear the clicker when you are ready and bring the ends together and push the small part of the clicker. You can use your nail for pushing. The hinge has a small part of the clicker that has a bulge on the margin that fits the other side. This small part needs to fit the other side. You will hear a 'click' sound when you close it. You can take help from your piercer for that. 

How to care for hoop clicker?  

The clicker is 14K gold. It's not tarnishing. Clickers are not affected by ear discharge.The clicker needs polishing at times. Please keep it in the jewelry box when you don't wear it. It will keep it away from damage and get lost. 

What piercings are hoop clickers suitable for? 

Body piercing has 2 types. These are flat and curved. They have variations in self. You can prefer Hoop Clicker if you need a curve ring. These piercings are Daith, Rook, Conch, Septum, Helix, Labret, and Nose piercings. If you are not sure, we'll be happy to help you with that. Please get in touch with us by Contact Us.

If you need flat piercing you can check Screw Back Piercing

Which size hoop clicker you should prefer? 

The piercing size changes vary from person to person. You need to check the inner diameter of the clicker. The inner diameter must fit the piercing surface. We generally have 8mm and 10mm inner diameter hoop clickers. The detailed information in the size guide.

If you have a custom size request, please get in touch with us from Contact Us!