Collection: Hoop Earring

Collection: Hoop Earring

The hoop earring is the adornment of the ear. We can’t imagine without them! They’re the main piece of ear jewelry combined. If you worry to get a body piercing, hoop earrings will be enough to help you have a shiny ear. You can find 14K Yellow, Rose, and White Gold Hoop Earring!

What is the hoop earring?

The Hoop Earring is round shape earring with clip-on closure. You can wear and remove it easily. You can have one, two, three, or four ear holes. You can prefer different 14K Gold colors for your ear.  There are different types of hoop earrings. These are Huggies Earring and Dangle Earring. You can find our Hoop Earring Collection click on it.

Which Gemstones are we using for hoop earrings?

We use natural gemstones for our all jewels. If you want something colorful you should look at our Mix Sapphire.  If you want classic, you should give a chance Sapphire and Diamond. Green Garnet is for luminous green color seekers. Our Rubies have two colors they are pink and red.  We use African Opal and it has a colorful light in white. Black diamond is different and it’s black. Emerald is very sensitive and naturally green. The last option is light blue Topaz

If you have a request about gemstones, please Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help you 

How to wear the hoop earring?

  1. Take the hoop earring and open it.
  2. Wear from the front of your ear.
  3. Push the back part gently 

What is the difference between the Hoop Earring and Hoop Clicker?

They both have different closures. You should prefer the Hoop Earring for your ear lobe. You should prefer a Hoop clicker for your cartilage. You can wear Hoop Clicker on your ear hole but it will always turn on its own. We do not suggest you wear Hoop Earring to the cartilage. It can be infected the cartilage with pressure and closure. 

Which size hoop earring you should prefer?

The Hoop Earrings have many inner diameter sorts. You can learn your size with measure your rings. If you don’t have a hoop earring to measure, you can try to measure between the ear hole and the bottom of the lobe. You can take help from a ruler or caliper. Please be careful about inner diameter of the hoop. If you have more than one ear hole, we does not suggest preferring the same inner diameter hoops. If you prefer the biggest hoop for the first lobe hole and reductively hoops for the other lobe hole, it will look better. 

If you have any questions you can reach us from Contact us!

How much is the hoop earring?

The Hope Earring price start from $279. Don’t worry we have many different discounts in the year.  You can create an account from Register to be informed about discounts.

Hoop Earring