Collection: Conch Piercing

Collection: Conch Piercing

Conch piercing is situated in the middle of the ear with Daith PiercingConch piercing huge hits nowadays. Conch piercing jewelry can combine with many different piercings. These piercings are Flat, Helix , Rook, and Tragus piercings.  

We put together what you should know before purchasing your Conch Piercing. 

What is a conch piercing?

Conch piercing, taking its name from the form of an ear. The area it coincides with is shaped like Conch. Conch piercing is a sensitive piercing. The Conch is where cartilage and capillaries come together. If you want to change your piercing, you must ensure it recovers. Hoop Clicker and Screw Back jewelry fit perfectly on Conch Piercing. If you want to see both opportunities you can visit Conch Piercing!

How to measure conch piercing size?

Conch piercing measure is changed with jewelry. The Hoop Piercing should measure from the piercing and out of the external ear. This measurement is the inner diameter of the Hoop Clicker. The Screw Back Piercing should measure the piercing cartilage thickness. This measurement is the length of the screw back bar.The measure with the caliper will measure righter. If you don’t have a caliper you can measure with a ruler. You can request help from your piercer about the measure of your piercing. You can check the size guide for detailed information. Please get in contact with us if you want a custom size. 

Hoop Piercing and Screw Back Piercing gauge are 16G which is 1.2mm. Piercer makes the Conch piercing with a 1.2 mm needle. 

How to wear/remove conch piercing?

Conch Jewelry is easy to wear and remove. Firstly we split into two jewelry types. Screw Back Piercing and Hoop Clicker.

Screw Back Piercing is easy to wear and remove. Here’s the steps:

  1. You need to make sure the pierce heals. Try to tighten and loosen the screw on your hand. 
  2. If the screw is working, wear the back part of the jewelry from behind your ear. After that push from the back to screw the top of the jewelry. 
  3. Take the top of the jewelry and screw it.  

When you want to remove it you need to reverse this process. 

Hoop Clicker Piercing needs some practice. 

  1. You can try to click it on your hand first. The way we wear can change from person to person. Some people wear it from the front of their ears and some people from the back of the ear. You can try to wear from both sides and prefer which one is easy for you. 
  2. Open the clicker and wear it.
  3.  Push the short part to the long part.
  4.  You should hear the ‘click’ sound when you are done. 

Please be kind to your ear when you wear or remove it.

How much are conch piercings?

The Conch Jewelry price starts from $70 and goes up. There are many gemstones and model variations. You can take a glance at our Conch Jewelry collection. La Tua Luce Jewelry produces them with 14K solid gold and natural gemstones.