Collection: Hoop Piercing

Collection: Hoop Piercing

Hoop piercing is a round piercing. Hoop piercing can be worn to curve piercings areas. These piercing areas are Daith Piercing, Conch Piercing, Helix Piercing, and more body piercing. You can combine hoop piercing with gemstones and 14K gold colors. La Tua Luce Jewelry has many different hoop piercing jewelry. 

What is the hoop piercing?

The hoop piercing has a round shape and it has no bulge for hinge. The hoop piercing is the most preferred jewelry type in piercing.  It has a smooth lock system. The lock system makes it more practical and secure. It can’t open by itself. We produce it with 14K Yellow, White, and Rose solid Gold. You can make your style of cartilage ear piercing with hoop piercings.  

Which pierce is suitable for hoop piercing? 

Hoop piercing should prefer for curve cartilage piercing areas. These pierce are Conch Piercing, Daith Piercing, Helix Piercing, Labret Piercing, Septum Piercing, Nose Piercing, Rook Piercing, and more body piercing areas. Before purchasing your hoop piercing you should know the inner diameter of the piercing. You need to select the piercing with an inner diameter.  We prepare pictures and write them in the description with detail of the models. 

How to care for the hoop piercing?  

All jewelry needs polishing with time. If you polish your hoop piercing it will always shine. 14K gold does not tarnish. Please keep it in the jewelry box when you don’t wear it. It will keep it safe and avert the loss. 

Which Gauge should you prefer for hoop piercing?

There are two options for gauge. These are 16G (1.2 mm) hoop piercing and 18G (1 mm) hoop piercing. The 16G is more preferred  for piercers when they pierce with a needle. You can take help from your piercer to learn your gauge. You need to purchase the correct gauge for your hoop piercing to wear it easily without any swelling.

Which gemstones are we using for hoop piercing?

We have many different natural gemstones. If you like green you can look at our Green Garnet and Emerald collections. We have two different diamonds. These are Diamond and Black Diamond. If you like different color sparkling take a look at Opals. If you like the royal color you need a give a change to Sapphire. If you need something in light blue we’ll suggest you Topaz. If you want something in red, you should look the Ruby. Lastly, we have a rainbow design with Mix Sapphire. We use all these gemstones in La Tua Luce’s design.

How much is a hoop piercing?

The starting price for the hoop piercing is $70, and it changes according to the different jewelry models. There is no price difference between the same product 14K gold color variations.