How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Jewelry ?

How To Clean Jewelry
The best way, of course, to ensure a consistently clean and long-lasting piece is to take it to your jewelry. Using special tools, they can safely and effectively clean your unique piece.This service is generally included when you purchase your diamond ring or another piece of jewelry. Since this is free and easy, you should take advantage of this. If for some reason you don’t have Access to your jewelry, or perhaps want to save time and travel, then keep reading for some easy home tips.

If you are going to be doing regular cleanings, you are going to want to use lukewarm water and some mild soap in order to soak your jewelry effectively. This Will allow you to loosen the grime, dirty and bacteria on it.Once you do this, you can simply take a toothbrush and scrub all of the various parts of the jewelry which can help you get rid of junk that might have been caught in between.


Jewelry Maintenance – Yearly

If you are dealing with jewelry that you only really wear once in a while, you are likely not going to want to give it regular cleanings as you would for jewelry that you often wear.This is primarily because it is not something that is going to require that type of cleaning to being with.For this type of jewelry, you are going to want to sick to a yearly cleaning schedule.That way, you will be able to keep it looking great for an extended period.


How Often to Clean Gold Jewelry

The cleaning frequency of gold jewelry depends on how often it is worn. Gold does not tarnish easily like silver, but frequent wearing and handling can leave it looking dull. Lower karat gold that contains a higher concentration of alloys will tarnish if exposed to excessive levels of chemicals like chlorine, alcohol, acids, and sulfur compounds. Frequently worn jewelry should be clean at least monthly or more often if the finish begins to look dull.


Tips For Keeping Jewelry Clean 
Regular Cleaning 

Truth be told, you should be cleaning your jewelry often.This is particularly true if you are talking about more expensive jewelry.You want to keep your jewelry as clean as possible because it is going to allow you to enhance its appearance for more extended periods of time.Not only will this keep your jewelry looking better but it can help to minimize the entire cleaning process over time.It can also help to reduce the number of germs and bacteria that you end up getting on your jewelry as well.This is generally something that you are going to want to do a minimum of once per week.That way, you will be able to keep everything as clean as possible.


Polishing By Hand

Get yourself a polishing clothes and carefully wipe the mounting to remove surface scratches (be gentler on white gold, you don’t want to rub away the rhodium plating). Also be cautious of the prongs and channel walls. Polishing them, or rubbing them too hard could cause them to snag, lift, pull, break, and wear down. So work softly around the mounting (you don’t want to loosen your stones either).



What To Avoid When Cleaning Jewelry  
Some Gemstones Can't Be Cleaned

Some gems are more brittle, porous, and softer, they shouldn’t be subjected to harsh chemicals, heat, or vibrations (ultrasonic sound waves). Gemstones like emeralds (which most have been oiled), opals (they can dry out and crack), pearls (they absorb the liquids, expand and become brittle), colored diamonds (they can fade and lose their vibrant hues).

While it’s OK to use dish soap and even body wash to clean your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, piercings, avoid products that include moisturizers. Those ingredients tend to leave a film, which is exactly what you're trying to remove.

When you’re drying your jewelry, avoid paper towels they can scratch the metal. Instead, use a soft cotton, microfiber cloth or let it air dry. jewelry's polishing clothe is also gentle enough for drying your jewelry. 

Never use any household cleaners such as bleach, chlorine, and acetone. These harsh chemicals can break down some of the base metals in your jewelry.

Never use any kind of abrasive products such as toothpaste, baking soda, or any powdered cleaners, which can easily scratch metals, particularly gold.

Beware of using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home. While they do make jewelry sparkle, the machine works by sending vibrations through the water movement that can cause stones to become loose or even fall out into the machine. 


Jewelry stores use polishing wheels to buff your items like new. But this can also wear away a thin layer of gold, so it’s wise to only have it done a few times a year, just in case.

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